Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet The Cast - Todd the Monster

Todd the Monster as Todd

Todd is appearing as a character with a very similar name in the film Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man And His Puppet.

After getting his chops co-starring in a failed public access series Todd went on to wait tables and sling coffee for a few years in New York. He moved back to Connecticut and re-connected with his former producer, Jon Bristol, and Jon quickly cast him in this film.
Jon said; "It's the perfect part for him, and I'm sure Todd will be a star after this film hits the streets. He has it all, looks, charm, he can sing and dance, and he's scotch guarded."
Co-Star Eric Stegmaier and Todd have become very close friends since the production began, and Eric had this observation about Todd; "Todd has a tendency to instigate matters that most people try to sweep under the carpet. He is a habitual line crosser, and he does so by badgering and annoying everyone involved. However, once the dust settles the conclusion is always the same… the little bastard is right. And he's a damn fine actor"
In his down time Todd hangs out with his girlfriend, Sherberta, and he hopes to eventually direct the film he's writing, based on the book he wrote about his adventures; "Foam Fantasies Come True: A Life in Puppet Exploitation Films".
Todd and Jon, taking a break from shooting
Todd is performed by Jon Bristol in the film!

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