Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet the Cast - Eric Stegmaier

Eric Stegmaier as Josh

Eric is making his film debut in "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man And His Puppet"

Co-Director Jon Bristol suggested Eric to play Josh after having been friends with him for several years and sharing a very unique sense of humor with him. Jon says; "Eric is the perfect fit for the lead roll of Josh, he embodies all the twitchiness and pent up fun just begging to explode out. And when it happens he steals the show."

Eric is a professional artist and graduated in 2002 from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in illustration- cum laude, then went on to graduate from Sacred Heart University with a MA Religious Studies with concentration in Biblical Archaeology/Death & Burial Practices in 2007, recieving the Medal of Academic Achievment.
Eric is a classy guy, he has been the Chief Illustrator for the Qumran Archaeological Excavation in 2002, Chief Illustrator- Qumran Archaeological Excavation: West Bank, Israel 2002, and the Archaeological Specialist: Roman Fort at Yotvata- Yotvata, Israel 2004 to present.
He has had many of his archaeological illustrations published, have you?
No. We didn't think so.
Eric has a day job too: He's the Senior Paintings Conservation Assistant at the Yale Center for British Art- Yale University.

And now the best part, Eric recently proposed to his lovely longtime girlfriend, Heather.

Eric and Joe Calvo ham it up inbetween takes

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