Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Josh and Todd Update 9/23/08

Hello all!

I thought I might give you quick update on the progress of Josh & Todd, a story of a Man and his Puppet. Principle casting is finished, and I expect to be able to post a cast list in the next few days. We are very excited about the cast, and they seem genuinely excited about the project. That's a whole lotta excitement!

Principle shooting locales have been scouted and secured, with only a few specific locations still in the air. Hopefully, we'll be able to pin these down in the next few weeks.

With the exception of one character, all of the Puppets required for this film have been built and costumed. Jon really went above and beyond with some of these pieces and with the puppet of Todd in particular. At almost 5' with his legs attached, his is bigger than some of our friends!

We have secured the rights to music from a few local artists, including Simon Sinister and Greg Wood. Their music is extremely varied and gives us quite a bit to work with.

All in all, things are moving along nicely. I imagine you will be seeing this blog updated quite a bit now that we have preproduction pretty much in can. Principle photography begins within the next few weeks. We'll keep you posted.

Until then,

Jim Williams
Co-Director - Josh & Todd: A Story of a Man and his Puppet.