Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet the Cast - Amanda Regan

Amanda Regan as "Todd's Dream Girl"
Amanda is making her film debut in “Josh And Todd: The Story of A Man And His Puppet”

Amanda attended E.C. Stevens Elementary School (Class of 1995) and graduated with Honors and a deep knowledge of the flavor of paste.
In the film she plays the woman of Todd the Monster’s dreams…

Amanda likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, and deep sea fishing and the soothing sounds of Frank Sinatra. She also spends her free nights knitting and can be often found doing needle point. She says of her role in this film; “Sometime I cry myself to sleep, worrying that my parents may see this someday.” And also says; “But, everyone needs to see this film, its life affirming, and if people see it, I won’t choose to end mine.” So let’s all do the world a favor and see this film, so Amanda has purpose to go on.

Amanda is also a big fan of musicals and hopes to star in one someday.

Gabe Finkinstein sizes up his co-star...

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