Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet the Cast - Elizabeth Bohmier

Elizabeth Bohmier as Dawn

This is Liz’s first project with Elmwood Productions and she is ravenously excited to be involved.

She has loved acting since she was born and has given her family and friends the privilege of enduring countless of her theatrical endeavors.

Liz has her B.A. from Central Connecticut State University, where she double majored in Theater & Psychology. Liz had the pleasure of pretending to be many different people while at CCSU including: Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, Dr. Jean Loggins in The Mound Builders, Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb in Chamber Music and Mrs. Charlotte Wallace in Beyond Therapy. She also performed in Hair, Godspell, Now!, Cous Cous and Comedy of Errors, for which she got to engage in swordplay with a golf club.

In addition to acting, she dabbles in directing and playwriting. She directed ‘dentity Crisis and was the Assistant Director of Domestica Violencia. She has been involved in several projects which used theater to encourage dialogue about social issues, including the Rule of Thumb Domestic Violence Project, which she produced, directed and facilitated.

She was a finalist for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Award at The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Liz took a 6 year hiatus from acting during which she received a Masters in Social Work from UCONN, became a yoga teacher, took a husband, brought two magnificent children into the world, bought a house, tended her vegetable garden and helped save the world from almost certain destruction by voting for our next president. Now she has returned to her true love: being the center of attention.
See, when ya talk to puppets, you can’t help but attract a few stares…

Liz currently consults for the CT Association for Community Action and teaches yoga at A Healing Trail Massage Therapy Center in Harwinton, CT. She spends all available time playing with her kids Raven & James, writing stories about the end of the world and pondering all of life’s greatest questions, such as “How did life begin?”, “Is there life after death?” and “How exactly does one remove Play-Do from corduroy?”

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