Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet The Cast - Johnnie Sojive

Johnnie Sojive makes a Special Guest Appearance as Himself
in Josh and Todd: The Story of a Man and His Puppet
Johnnie is a man of many talents, he has a talent for womanizing, a talent for drinking, a talent for poetry, and a talent for saying things that will make you look around the room and say "Huh?"

He's known as the two fisting madman and is also famous for announcing that he's "drinkin' and stinkin!" whenever he is drinking and stinking. And we're not even sure what stinking is.
When co-director Jim Williams found out that Jon wrote a special part in the film for his long time friend, Jim said: "Jon, are you serious? He's a loose cannon. Remember last time we worked with him? No, you don't. Know one does because you disappeared with him for five months on a bender. This makes me nervous man. Very nervous."

Then Jon found out Johnnie had gone missing...
It took a while for us to track him down to get him in the movie, apparently he felt his days hosting "Poetry Corner" were over, and he was in Guam fighting in the War On Sobriety to stop the prohibition (for the record there is no prohibition in Guam) but Jon got him back, gave him some hooch and some "ladies"and he's ready to rock your socks off.

Johnnie with Josh in between shots (not of film, but rum)

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