Saturday, August 25, 2012

Todd and Friends!

Todd went out on 8/11/12 to see his buddy's art show - My Glass heART: The Work of Josh Blumenthal at Paris In Plantsville!
Here's Todd and the people he met!

 Todd and Brie

 Garrett, Todd, Lys, and the super talented star of the nite: Josh Blumenthal!

 Garrett and Todd spent hours discussing "Caligula"

 Heather, Todd, and Brie

"Josh and Todd" co-directer Jon Bristol even showed up!

 Lys and Todd (and Josh too, even tough Lys was hoping to get some alone time with Todd)

One of Todd's best buds, Sean!

The other "Josh" -  Eric was even there!  He was a little too happy to see Todd!

The one and only Steve Rand!

And this lady....
We have no idea who she is but she did offer Todd oral pleasure!

Do you have a picture of yourself with Todd? Email it to and we'll post it here!!!

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