Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's new?

Jon here...

Well a year ago we started shooting this flick. And on Tuesday morning Jim notified me that he and Russ just completed the first very rough cut of the film. And he says it's great. Sure, his opinion is biased, but I still believe him. And this makes me happy.
No, no one will be seeing this movie for a few more months, it's just a rough cut, we still have audio to dub, effects to add, a scene or two to re-shoot and music to add. But this is exciting to me. Another huge step taken. I haven't been in on the editing. It's not my thing. Russ is great at it and I don't play well with others when editing, so I take care of some of the shorts and Russ does all the big stuff. I'd be a fool and I thought I was better, hahaha.
So it's been a year since we started shooting. What a year! We started making a couple shorts and finishing scenes for Josh and Todd and then made a few more shorts, and Eric even got married!
A year ago I was amazed we got this started, amazed we got this awesome cast, amazed at how good everything looked when I watch the dailies. I'm simply amazed.
So to the cast and crew who worked their asses off and will have to come back and work a little bit more;
Thank you, love you.

JB (and Todd too!)

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